Michelle Li

Michelle Li


Michelle Li is a Canadian badminton player. Li is the 2014 Commonwealth Games champion and the first Canadian to win an individual gold medal in women's singles badminton at the Commonwealth Games.

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About: Michelle Li was born in Hong Kong to Chi Keung Li and Agnes Kwong; together with her brother Mark, they moved to Canada in 1997. An active child, she started playing badminton at age 11 with her mom at the local community center. A friend introduced her to her current club, where she began lessons and competing locally in small tournaments.


Commonwealth GamesGold2014GlasgowWomen’s singles
Commonwealth GamesSilver2022BirminghamWomen’s singles
Pan American GamesGold2011GuadalajaraWomen’s singles
Pan American GamesGold2011GuadalajaraWomen’s doubles
Pan American GamesGold2015TorontoWomen’s singles
Pan American GamesGold2019LimaWomen’s singles
Pan American GamesBronze2015TorontoWomen’s doubles
Pan Am ChampionshipsGold2013Santo DomingoWomen’s singles
Pan Am ChampionshipsGold2014MarkhamWomen’s singles
Pan Am ChampionshipsGold2018Guatemala CityWomen’s singles
Pan Am ChampionshipsGold2019AguascalientesWomen’s singles
Pan Am ChampionshipsGold2022San SalvadorWomen’s singles
Pan Am ChampionshipsGold2023KingstonWomen’s singles
Pan Am ChampionshipsSilver2010CuritibaWomen’s singles
Pan Am ChampionshipsSilver2010CuritibaWomen’s doubles
Pan Am ChampionshipsBronze2008LimaMixed doubles
Pan Am ChampionshipsBronze2013Santo DomingoWomen’s doubles
Pan Am Mixed Team ChampionshipsGold2008LimaMixed team
Pan Am Mixed Team ChampionshipsGold2010CuritibaMixed team
Pan Am Mixed Team ChampionshipsGold2013Santo DomingoMixed team
Pan Am Mixed Team ChampionshipsGold2014MarkhamMixed team
Pan Am Mixed Team ChampionshipsGold2023GuadalajaraMixed team
Pan Am Women’s Team ChampionshipsGold2018TacariguaWomen’s team
Pan Am Women’s Team ChampionshipsGold2020SalvadorWomen’s team
Pan Am Women’s Team ChampionshipsGold2024São PauloWomen’s team
Commonwealth Youth GamesSilver2008PuneGirls’ doubles

Rank in World: 24

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Country: CANADA

Ratings: 2.0


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