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Ruchi Trikha


Ruchi Trikha, born on March 1, 1986, is an Indian epée fencing player. Notably, in July 2017, she was recognized as the leading women's fencer in the Punjab region of India. Trikha made her mark at the Asian Games 2006 and achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Indian to secure two bronze medals at the Commonwealth Fencing Championship in 2006. Furthermore, Trikha clinched both an individual gold medal and a team gold medal at the 12th Thailand Open Asian Fencing Championship. T...

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About: Having pursued her higher education at Multani Mal Modi College in Patiala, Ruchi Trikha embarked on her fencing journey in 2003.


2007Recommended for the Arjuna Award by the International Fencing FederationBecame the first Indian woman to win gold at an international competition
2013Honored with the Maharaja Ranjit Singh AwardRecognition for excellence in fencing

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